Consultation, demo measurements and individual training available now!

For more information about the capabilities of the new Anton Paar XRDynamic 500 or to discuss your samples and research goals please fill out this google form. To request training on the new Anton Paar XRDynamic 500 please use the NE-MRC FOM system!

New Instrument Alert!

Starting August 2022 in partnership with Anton Paar the NE-MRC will be hosting a new XRD instrument --- the new Anton Paar XRDynamic 500!

Some of the exciting new capabilities include:

  • Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) capabilities

  • Non-Ambient measurements from -20 °C to 600 °C

  • Gas tight sample holder for air sensitive samples

  • Vacuum sample chamber for improved signal to noise ratio

  • Two X-ray sources to choose from -- Cu or Co

Other features include:

  • TruBeam Technology

      1. Automatic Instrument and Sample Alignment

      2. Automation of all X-ray Optics

      3. Large Goniometer Radius for high resolution

      4. Evacuated Beam Path leading to better signal to noise

  • Automated Bragg-Brentano, Monochromator or Parallel Beam Optics

  • Motorized XY Stage for multiple and bulk samples

  • Batch measurements with 12 spinning capable sample holder

  • Intuitive measurement software