FEI Apreo LoVac FE-SEM

"Scanning electron microscope for versatile, high performance materials imaging and analysis."

The Thermo Scientific Apreo Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) features a revolutionary compound lens design combined with electrostatic and magnetic immersion technology to yield unprecedented resolution and signal selection. This makes the Apreo SEM the platform of choice for research on nanoparticles, catalysts, powders and nanodevices, without compromising on magnetic sample performance.
The Apreo SEM benefits from unique in-lens backscatter detection, which provides excellent materials contrast, even at tilt, short working distance, or on sensitive samples. The novel compound lens further improves contrast with energy filtering and adds charge filtering for imaging of insulating samples. The optional low-vacuum mode now has a 500 Pa maximum chamber pressure for imaging even the most demanding insulators.
With all these advantages, including the compound final lens, advanced detection and flexible sample handling, the performance and versatility of the Apreo SEM can meet your research challenges for many years to come.
  • Over 3000 indexed patterns per second (pps)

  • Up to 30x faster than existing CCD-based detectors

  • Extreme sensitivity for low current and low kV analyses

  • 1244 x 1024 pixel resolution, ideal for HR-EBSD applications

  • High resolution patterns at all speeds

  • Innovative design features for simple operation

The X-MaxN Silicon Drift Detector large area sensor chips, digital signal processing, and innovative packaging deliver the highest sensitivity for accurate analysis of all types of samples including fragile samples and nano-materials.

Large sample chamber

Large sample stage

Large-area EBSD mapping