FEI Quanta 600 SEM

The e‑Flash HR offers both high resolution and sensitivity. With a native resolution of almost 2 Megapixels (1600  x 1200 pixels) and state of the art camera optics for minimized distortions e‑Flash HR  can acquire high definition Kikuchi patterns that display very fine details making it the perfect choice for residual strain analysis. When used in 20x20 binning mode it can acquire up to 170 patterns/s. Its excellent sensitivity makes EBSD measurements possible even at probe currents as low as 0.5 nA. All these properties make the e‑Flash HR the best solution when dealing with complex EBSD analysis cases. 
The list of suitable applications includes: ƒ
- low beam current operation ƒ - low kV operation ƒ - poorly conducting samples ƒ - nanomaterials (Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction - TKD) ƒ - analysis of pseudo-symmetries ƒ - lattice strain investigation

The large active area 60 mm2 chip together with the slim-line detector finger provide a large solid angle. The XFlash® 6|60 is therefore predestined for use in applications with relatively low X-ray yield, as common in the area of nano-analysis. As the detector also delivers a very good energy resolution with 126 eV at Mn Kα and the according C and F resolutions, it can also comfortably be used in the low energy range, which is also an requirement in this field. 
In summary, the XFlash® 6 | 60 offers the following advantages
- Very good energy resolution (126 eV at Mn Kα, 51 eV at C Kα and 60 eV at F Kα available)- Other available resolution is 129 eV at Mn Kα- Extremely high pulse load capability- Excellent light element and low energy performance (element range Be - Am)